Tuesday, May 20, 2014

strangers along the way

Meeting a stranger along the way to a journey is an interesting matter. However, meeting a stranger that can make your life different is another issue. For instance, i meet a guy with a charming and a loving personality, we chat, we laugh, we go for adventure, and we fall in love, without knowing clearly with each others and even its personal background. Along the relationship is the commitment of each others feelings but not the responsibilities of what shortcomings will arise soon. Strangers became lover. Happiness overflows and fill there lives that there is no tomorrow that they cannot be separated even for a single day. One day an expected caller called, answered by a guy and walked away from his sweetheart. The lady became confuse. And glance at him with a questioned in her mind.

 But wait,, there is more! find out what happened to a strangers that meet someone along the way...

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